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Health insurance is incredibly difficult to understand and is a legally binding contract. So we encourage you to read detail covered benefits, limitations & exclusions if any before you select a plan for you and your family. Health insurance policies, if not chosen correctly can have a major impact on both your health and financial life. 

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Also known as Temporary health insurance, short term health insurance is great for people who are between jobs, people who are currently part-time or temporary employees, waiting for employer benefits or student or recent graduates,
No. Short Term health insurance is not major medical insurance and does not cover all of the essential benefits covered under the Affordable Care Act.
Next day coverage; later effective date available but not to exceed sixty days from the date of processed application. There is a five day waiting period for sickness, thirty day wait for cancer in most states..
Short term plans are available to adults between the ages of 18 to 64 and child only coverage is available for ages between 2 to 25.
Short Term health insurance is great for people who are healthy and cannot afford to pay high premium major medical plans. Short term health insurance offer low premiums plans and cover many common medical services such as, but not limited to, emergency care, x-rays, lab tests, and doctor visits. Please see your plan details for more information.
There is no required timeframe. You can apply for a short term plan during anytime of the year.
Available for up to 36 months of coverage, the duration depends on your state’s regulations.
Yes. Short term health insurance can protect your spouse and dependents if they meet the guidelines outlined in your respective plan.
No. Short term health insurance does not usually cover pre-existing conditions unless it comes with a pre-existing waiver rider.
If not completely satisfied with your coverage and you have not used any of the insurance benefits, you may return the policy within 10 days of enrollment into the plan. Coverage will be cancelled as of the effective date, and the plan cost will be returned to you. No questions asked.
Give us a call and we will be happy to answer all your questions.
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Dental Insurance

Most Dental Plans typically cover 100% of preventive care services (cleanings and routine exams), 80% of basic procedures (root canals and fillings), and 50% of major procedures (implants and crowns).

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Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance

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Designed to help with final expenses such as medical bills, credit card debt or funeral costs. Your acceptance is guaranteed. Coverage ranges from $5,000 to $25,000. Available for adults ages 50 – 80

Plans-Medical-Quotes-Short-term-Affordable health Insurance-Dental
Plans-Medical-Short-term-Affordable health Insurance-Dental-Quotes

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Short-Term health insurance and Limited Medical Benefit plans are not required to comply with certain federal market requirements for health insurance, principally those contained in the Affordable Care Act. Be sure to check the Certificate carefully to make sure you are aware of any exclusions or limitations regarding coverage of Pre-Existing Conditions or health benefits (such as hospitalization, Emergency Services, maternity care, preventive care, Prescription Drugs, and mental health and Substance Use Disorder services). Your coverage also has lifetime and/or annual dollar limits on health benefits. If this coverage expires or you lose eligibility for this coverage, you might have to wait until an open enrollment period to get other health insurance coverage. Also, this coverage is not "minimum essential coverage". is an independent marketplace operated by Health Plans Direct, Inc. National Producer Number 17854932 and is not the Health Insurance Marketplace website. We Invite application for insurance in states where we maintain our agency/broker licenses and appointed for each state that requires a license to conduct health insurance sales and services.We are required to comply with all applicable federal laws, including standards established under 45 CFR 155.260 to protect the privacy and security of personally identifiable information. This website may not display all data on Marketplace plans being offered in your state through our partner websites. To see all available data on Marketplace plan options in your state, go to the Health Insurance Marketplace website at If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at

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