Who is not eligible for Obamacare Plans?

November 11, 2020
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Annual Open Enrollment starts Nov-1 and ends December-15 for most states except a few states who have extended period to sign-up for marketplace plan. Are you wondering if you are eligible to apply?

Here is your quick guide

To be eligible to enroll in Marketplace plan you,

  • • Must be a U.S. citizen, U.S National or Lawfully present immigrants
  • • Must live in the United States.
  • • Not incarcerated.
  • • Not covered under Medicare

Who is considered as lawfully present immigrants under affordable care Act?

Immigrants with the following legal resident status are qualified to apply for Marketplace Obamacare plans:

  • • Lawful Permanent Residents (Green Card holders)
  • • Refugee, asylee or Paroled in to the U.S
  • • Cuban/Haitian Entrant
  • • Conditional Entrant Granted before 1980
  • • Battered Spouse, Child and Parent
  • • Victim of Trafficking and his/her Spouse, Child, Sibling or Parent
  • • Granted Withholding of Deportation or Withholding of Removal, under the immigration laws or under the Convention against Torture (CAT)
  • • Individual with Non-immigrant Status, includes worker holding H1, H-2A, H-2B visas, student visas, U-visa, T-visa, and other visas, and citizens of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and Palau
  • • Temporary Protected Status Deferred Enforced Departure Deferred Action Status with the exception of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is not an eligible immigration status for applying for health insurance)
  • • Lawful Temporary Resident
  • • Administrative order staying removal issued by the Department of Homeland Security
  • • Member of a federally-recognized Indian tribe or American Indian Born in Canada
  • • Resident of American Samoa

Immigration documentation types

  • • Permanent Resident Card, “Green Card” (I-551)
  • • Reentry Permit (I-327)
  • • Refugee Travel Document (I-571)
  • • Employment Authorization Document (I-766)
  • • Machine Readable Immigrant Visa (with temporary I-551 language)
  • • Temporary I-551 Stamp (on passport or I-94/I-94A)
  • • Arrival/Departure Record (I-94/I-94A)
  • • Arrival/Departure Record in foreign passport (I-94)
  • • Foreign Passport
  • • Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status (I-20)
  • • Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status (DS-2019)
  • • Notice of Action (I-797)
  • • Document indicating membership in a federally recognized Indian tribe or American Indian born in Canada
  • • Certification from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)
  • • Document indicating withholding of removal
  • • Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) eligibility letter (if under 18)
  • • Resident of American Samoa card
  • • Alien number (also called alien registration number or USCIS number) or I-94 number

Who is considered a U.S. national?

A U.S. national is someone who’s a U.S. citizen or a person who isn’t a U.S. citizen but owes permanent allegiance to the U.S.

With extremely limited exception by which he or she is entitled to be protected, all non-citizen U.S. nationals are people born in American Samoa or abroad with one or more American Samoan parents under certain conditions.

What are my alternative if, I don’t qualify for Marketplace Obamacare Health Insurance Plan?

Short-Term Health Insurance

Staying healthy is important. But what if you have a serious accident or illness and you don’t have health insurance coverage? Medical and hospital expenses are very expensing. As per an article published in gallup.com, “half in U.S. now, vs. 45% in 2019, concerned about health-related bankruptcy”. The minimum essential coverage under the Affordable care Act enacted in 2010 has been helping many low income individuals and families getting health insurance and by that reducing medical related bankruptcies.

But now the question is what if you don’t qualify for a Marketplace plan?

Short-Term and Limited benefit accident and health insurance plans are not alternative to Obamacare but can help you to a large extent if you fall sick or need hospitalization.

What is Short-Term Health Insurance?

Also known as temporary health insurance, short-term health insurance is intended for people who need temporary health insurance and also can’t afford high premium major medical plans. Duration of each plan varies by each state and can be bought in any time of the year. These plans are most suited for people who are,

  • • Between jobs or have been laid off
  • • Part-time or temporary employee
  • • Recently graduated
  • • Can’t afford high premium
  • • Retired but are too young to be eligible for Medicare.
  • • Missed annual Open Enrollment Obamacare

Federal rules in October 2018, allowed short-term medical plans to offer coverage for up to 12 months at a time and made it possible for insurance companies to renew the coverage for up to 36 months. However, the maximum policy duration may vary by each state as notified time to time.

Accident and Health Insurance

Accident and Health Insurance offers financial protection and pay cash benefits directly to the insured. The products are designed to help fill some of the gaps in your major medical insurance including high deductible and out of pocket expenses.

Benefit Highlights

  • • No medical examinations: Guaranteed acceptance regardless of current state of health
  • • Benefits are payable directly to the individual
  • • Benefits can be used in any way an individual chooses – to cover additional costs like deductibles, co-pays or other out-of-pocket expenses, or to cover household or childcare expenses while hospitalized
  • • Benefits are payable in addition to any other insurance that you apply
  • • Attractive additional benefits including:

  • o Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • o Critical Illness benefit
  • o Custodial Care Facility benefit
  • o Emergency Care benefit
  • o Home Health Care benefit
  • o Hospice Care benefit
  • o Intensive Care benefit
  • o Outpatient Surgical benefit
  • o Post-hospital Recovery benefit

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