How a South Florida InsurTech Startup is changing the way consumers buying Health Insurance

November 11, 2020
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Online shopping behavior was kept on evolving since the boom of internet. But COVID-19 has now changed online shopping trend forever. More and more people are now making their shopping from home, consumer durables to financial services. Insurance industry is not immune from this trend.

Technology now allows the consumers to do many things online, from visiting your doctor via video to ordering food online. Buying insurance is no different. In fact, there are many digital insurance companies that offer online services from auto to homeowners insurance. For many insurance buyers, there is even no need to speak with an agent and can buy insurance online from the comfort of their couch!

But Health insurance is incredibly difficult to understand and is a legally binding contract. We encourage you to read detail covered plan benefits, limitations & exclusions, if any, before you select a plan for you and /or your family. Health insurance policies, if not chosen correctly can have a major impact on both your financial health and financial life.


It’s all about digitally a great experience

Think for a moment. You are happy, lying on a couch, and searching the web for affordable health insurance plans available in your area. You found websites that claim to be providing instant free quotes. Great! You fill-out a contact form with your personal information and hit submit. What happens next? You start receiving countless calls from multiple call center agents for rest of the day, next day, and perhaps days ahead. May be you did not expect this horrible experience!

That’s why at coverplus health, people work every day in preparing to solve this simple, but important problem: How can we make it easier for people to shop health insurance online? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you were shown multiple quotes without providing your personal details until you were ready to buy? No guessing. coverplushealth exactly do that.

They make it easier for consumers to search, compare, and buy health insurance online at any time and from anywhere. Their data-driven online platform allows customers to make intelligent decisions and better protect themselves and their families by accessing a variety of excellent insurance options.

Real time quotes from multiple carriers and are available 24/7 to assist you with your buying experience. The platform offers Marketplace Obamacare plans along with, Short-Term, Accident and health indemnity insurance, as well as cancer, dental, critical illness, and other ancillary plans. All it takes is only a few minutes and a single search.

The company celebrates choices, discourage misinformation, and always strive to be real and relatable — walking the walk in all that we do.

Marketplace plans has partnered with multiple health insurance carriers offering a simple online experience to shop marketplace Obamacare plans in thirty-five (35) states (excluding state exchanges).

Short-Term and Limited Benefit Medical Plans

  • • Get quotes in seconds and have a policy emailed to you in less than ten minutes
  • • Available in more than thirty-five states
  • • High customer satisfaction ratings
  • • Mobile responsive

Is buying health Insurance online is cheaper and faster?

It depends on what actions you take online. Let me explain what it meant. Insurance carriers don’t charge different premium amount for the same plan whether you are buying it online, over phone or in person through an agent. But how it could help you save on your monthly premium is that, when you shop online, you have more time to read and research on each plan and it’s benefits, any Limitations & Exclusions and what kind of plans best suites to your need.

I am not saying that insurance agents working in call centers do not provide enough information over phone when you asked for it. But it is also important to note that call center agents get paid commission based on sale they make and may sometimes encourage customers to sign-up for a plan that may not be the best for the customer.

Let's find your personalized plan

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